Introduction to What Does it mean?


Let me introduce myself. My name is Reginald Kadzutu, a Zimbabwean living in Kenya. Growing up in these two countries my heart has been drawn to the never ending cycles of poverty and financial destitution amongst the population.

There are many reasons for this, ranging from corruption, misallocation of resources, disease, civil strife, repressive cultural practise especially against women and the list goes on.

However if you go down to the micro level, Africa is well known for its very low saving rates and hence low investment and therefore a chronic lack of wealth creation.

Is it a lack of opportunities? I doubt because opportunities are there. Is it a lack of capital? I believe this is just a symptom as capital is built through accumulated savings which are then allocated to productive investments.

I believe a lack of quality information and simplistic analysis that is understandable by a non technical person has produced a huge information asymmetry that has favoured the huge capitalist.

If this can be cured, I belive one informed individual at a time we can bring people, then families, communities and nations out of poverty. It is for this reason I have begun what does it mean!

What does it mean is a blog that will take the economic news of the week and explain what it means, how it affects the country, how it affects you, and what you may do about it.

Join me once every fortnight and let’s see if we will change the financial landscape.

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passionate about the communitys financial prosperity

4 thoughts on “Introduction to What Does it mean?

  1. This will actually be very educational,as well as insightful. It’s a blog that will explain and cause a change in one’s life. One life affected positively will affect and effect families.


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