Coming on the heels of our discussion on the strengthening of the US dollar where we concluded with the statement that life might become expensive, well the latest economic news hitting the buzz is inflation going up in the US, Eurozone area and globally and on this blog post we look at what it meansContinue reading “Inflation”

US Non- Farm Jobs

Today we look at the latest economic data that has been released, which is the US Non-Farm payroll data for the month of February. The US Non-Farm payroll is data that shows employment statistics growth or decline in the construction, goods, and manufacturing sectors. According to the US bureau of Statistics the US added 379,000Continue reading “US Non- Farm Jobs”

GDP? What does it mean

Welcome back as I highlighted in the previous blog, having and using information is very important to be able to navigate the world of personal finances. The key to thriving investments or financial decisions is to understand that you are not an island and you live within an economic environment and whatever that happens toContinue reading “GDP? What does it mean”

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