Budget Deficit-Mortgaging Future Revenue

Moving away from economic models, what is it that most developing economies suffer from? There is a general outcry over high taxes being levied which begs the question why? Well, taxes go up as the government looks for revenue to pay for its operations or finance its fiscal policy. This becomes an issue since thereContinue reading “Budget Deficit-Mortgaging Future Revenue”

Bottom up Vs Trickle Down – Governance

Today we deal with part 3 of the bottom-up vs trickle down debate. To briefly recap the aim of part 1 and 2 of this thread was to highlight the following: What are the problems that need to be addressed? What are the viable solutions given the current state? Economic models are only but vehiclesContinue reading “Bottom up Vs Trickle Down – Governance”

Bottom Up- Capitalist in Socialist Clothing

As we look at economic issues as they should be, today we continue with the bottom-up vs trickle-down model debate. As mentioned in the previous blog, the two are not economic solutions but vehicles to deliver a solution to a problem. The issue here is that we have leaders debating a vehicle (model) when theyContinue reading “Bottom Up- Capitalist in Socialist Clothing”

Bottom Up Vs Trickle Down- Cutting through the political rhetoric and economic conmanship.

There has been a lot of talk about how to grow economies globally under the Building Back Better strategy. The US administration has been championing a middle-out economic growth strategy with a hint of bottom-up philosophy as well. Joe Biden is quoted saying, “Wall Street didn’t build this country… You, the great middle class, builtContinue reading “Bottom Up Vs Trickle Down- Cutting through the political rhetoric and economic conmanship.”

Oil – Black Gold or Mute Assasin

Oil is a commodity that cuts across every area of our lives directly or indirectly. Oil is used to power electricity generators, motor vehicles, airplanes, and the by products used in grease machines. It is therefore important to know the price trends of this commodity, what affects its prices and what to look for to beContinue reading “Oil – Black Gold or Mute Assasin”

Economic Growth but No Jobs – Africa Achilles heel

Historically there has been a lot of news on economic growth across the globe but more so on the Africa. On average the GDP of countries in Africa grew at 4% per annum from the year 2010. This has led to a forage of investment from developing countries all wanting a piece of the AfricanContinue reading “Economic Growth but No Jobs – Africa Achilles heel”

Interest Rates? Central Banks Wrench

We have covered a lot of basic economic ground over the last few months. We have looked at Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Employment, Inflation, Currencies and Credit ratings. This month we will touch on two more fundamental economic items which are key to building  a strong “what does it mean” base and these are interestContinue reading “Interest Rates? Central Banks Wrench”